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Welcome to Sew Strong!
We make hook & loop products for Patch Collectors
What is a Patch Tag?
Patch Tags are a Patent-Pending key fob that gives your morale patches a place to go on your keys!

Each Patch Tag has a double-sided loop field (think Velcro but we call it hook & loop) that can hold two 2"x3" Morale Patches. There's also a Mil Spec sturdy grommet for attaching your Patch Tag to your key ring or carabiner.

The best way to rock your patches on your keys!
What is a Morale Patch?
Morale Patches originated in the military as a way to boost morale among the troops with funny or meaningful phrases or pictures on the pieces of fabric that could attach to the loop field on their gear (rucks, vests, etc.) with Velcro (we call it hook & loop :)

Patches make great small gifts,
especially to as a thank you to those serving this nation.

This is why we have teamed up with Honor Guard to bring y'all a collection of Thank You Patches to give out to the brave men & women who have answered the call and serve, rescue and defend our nation.

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